Monday, February 9, 2009


The sun is out this fresh and new day. I put my friend out to bask in the warmth of the sun. She soaks it up, ray by ray, mixed with the earthy scents from the nearby woods and the aromatic salt air from the neighboring sea. My little friend feels cleansed and refreshed… rejuvenated, ready to take on what ever comes her way. To see her glisten in the sunlight brings a profound sense of joy and love. I cherish my mornings that begin this way. I am ready for a new day, a new adventure. As for my friend, a rose quartz, she is ready for her day too.

My name is Karen and welcome to my world of Tatting, Crystals and Color. It is too lengthy for me to tell the tale of how it all began. But I will tell you this:
I am a creator
I am on a journey to understand who I am and the world around me
I have a need to heal
I have discovered the healing energies found within crystals and colors
I want to share all that I have discovered

When I began healing with crystals, I found it distracting having to replace and reposition those stones that rolled off of me. After struggling for a few months an idea came to me, some say it was divinely inspired. I had some gemstone beads and colored thread. I tatted up a little medallion, joining the beads as I went along. After tatting 1 medallion for each chakra, it was time for a test.

As I lay with these medallions placed over the appropriate chakras, I was able to focus on my breathing and not run away stones. I had my first peaceful meditation session, which left me feeling relaxed and “cleared”. I also felt I had to learn more.

I immersed myself into the world of crystals and colors. I read books, attended workshops and gained hands on experiences. My personal collection is grewing to assist me in my healing, as did my sensitivity to the different crystal energies. I learned that different stones and colors offer different therapeutic qualities, and that everyone can experiences these qualities, but in a different way. Some may feel a strong sensation, such as pulsing or tingling as soon as they pick up a stone. Yet others my feel a sense of peace or love overcome them. And some may feel a more subtle change, one that may be more noticeable to those that surround us than to ourselves. However we feel these energies, it is important to believe and trust that crystals and colors are here to help us heal.

I bring to you what I have gained in my journey so far. My knowledge is continuously expanding, and with it comes new ideas and combinations of crystals and colors to help in the healing process. I hope you come back periodically to see my newest creations, and I welcome any requests or ideas you may have.

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  1. Am I your first follower!? I wish you the best of luck, and I can attest that these tatted items are absolutely gorgeous! Laura