Friday, February 27, 2009


When I started researching for the written piece that would accompany my Abundance doily I first had to learn what Abundance was. Initially I thought that it was all about financial and material gain. I soon discovered that even though you could be abundant financially, you can also have an abundance of love, good health, and inner peace. Abundance is different things to different people. There is no right or wrong answer. To me, Abundance is something plentiful in your life that makes you feel really good.

Admittedly enough, my Abundance doily developed from an idea of working with crystals that would bring about financial stability and gain in these hard economic times. And since I benefit from the crystals energies while working with them, I wanted to make something that would bring about a bit of financial gain for my self too.

I chose crystals for abundance and wealth. But what I have now realized is that even though these crystals hold properties for financial gain, they also teach us how to identify what we want abundant in our lives, and helps use to remove our self imposed blockages.

As I mentioned earlier, Abundance is different things to different people. We first need to identify what it is in our lives that makes use feel really good. That special something that gives us that warm fuzzy feeling inside, making us smiles involuntarily, humming our favorite tune.

Next, we need to allow ourselves this pleasure in our lives. Speaking from experience, this can be a very hard thing to do. Different events and circumstances in our lives have imposed what I call an ‘Unworthiness Blockages’. If you feel unworthy of this pleasure or good feeling, then we put up a block. This blockage will not allow any good feelings in. It even prevents thinking about something pleasurable, since we feel unworthy of such.

I have been working for the past 5 years to remove my blockages. I’ve made remarkable progress, and some days I feel very close to breaking through that blockage. I need to allow myself to feel good. The more I can do that, the more creative I can get with my desires and inner visions. Feeling good emits a very powerful energy to those around us and the universe. It also acts like a magnet, attracting the very like of what we are sending out. Even more good feelings! I don’t know about you, but I could get the hang of feeling good all the time.

The last thing I figured out about Abundance is not to hold any expectations. If we just let nature takes its course and enjoy our ‘NOW’ moment then we can not be disappointed or discouraged when our desires and wants do not happen when we want them to happen. We need to trust that all of our good things will happen to us when we are ready for it and can enjoy it fully.
So anyways, getting back to the Crystals. For the Abundance Doily I used Yellow Sapphires, Emerald, Citrine, Peridot, and Glossular Garnet called Tsavorite. I also used a combination of Yellow and Green thread. I chose these colors for their symbolism. Yellow thread represents gold and Green thread represents money.

After doing my research, I realized that the colors were more than just gold and money. Yellow thread also related to the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is also known as our ‘Will’, and the green thread resonates with our Heart Chakra. Cleansing these chakras will enable us to remove the self-imposed blockages, allow ourselves to have creative thoughts about our wants and inner visions, and finally to enjoy the wonderful feelings that accompany the manifestation of these inner visions.

You will find 8 Emeralds in the very center of this doily. Emeralds are known for their brilliant green color which resonates with the Heart Chakra. The green ray helps to open the heart, allowing for universal blessings to enter into our lives. Emeralds help to attune our vibrations to flow with the vibrations of Abundance, allowing you to attract what you need and desire. The gentle energy brings with it a feeling of hope and encouragement. Lastly, Emeralds teach us to embrace these manifestations with gratitude.

Next you will find 8 Yellow Sapphires which surround the Emeralds. They are known as a Prosperity Stone. Yellow Sapphires resonate with the Solar Plexus chakra, and assist one in successfully manifesting wishes and desires by means of magnifying intention. It carries joyful and exciting energies that can stimulate creative visions and your desire to manifest them. Yellow Sapphire can attract wealth into your life, increasing prosperity and earnings.

Peridot is known as the little green nuggets of positive energy. If I could adorn myself from head to toe in Peridot, I would. I just love the bright enlivening energy that radiates from these beautiful stones. Working on our Solar Plexus and Heart chakra, Peridot assists in creating our inner visions and removing our self-imposed blockages. It is a stone of financial and spiritual abundance, bringing about an increase in wealth, joy, love and well-being. Peridot helps to teach us that it is okay to enjoy the wonderful feelings that accompany manifestation. The more we enjoy these feelings, the easier it is to manifest our wants and desires.

Citrine, known a Money Stone as it attracts money and wealth, but it also carries a warm, energizing and highly creative energy. Its ability to transmute and dissipate negative energy makes it ideal for removing those self-imposed blockages. It also improves motivation, activates creativity and encourages self-expression, all which is necessary for developing our inner visions. With our blockages removed, we are unfamiliar with the new feelings that will accompany the manifestation of out inner visions. Citrine will help teach you how to enjoy these new experiences.

Green Garnet, or Tsavorite, was a new stone that I had not worked with yet. I felt that it had a soft, yet enlivening energy. It opens and cleanses the Heart chakra, helping to align with and bring about our hearts desires. They are stones of abundance not just in wealth, but also in areas of creativity, emotions, artistic and even physical well-being. An all around wonderful for stone abundance.

So as you can see, the crystals used are not just for financial gain, but for all areas in our lives. Whether you seek to gain in creativity, or inner visions, or even just removing those self-imposed blockages, the crystals used will provide the energies we need. What is so wonderful about working with crystals is that simply having them in our environment allows for us to receive the energies that they naturally emit. That is what they do and why they are here. They look pretty, glisten in the light and radiate energy.

You could place the Abundance doily on a table as a center piece, or in a dark corner that needs brightening up. If you practice Feng Shui, the Abundance doily can be placed in you wealth corner, which is the farthest left corner from the entrance door. Or you can meditate with the Abundance doily, or even place it over your Heart and Solar Plexus chakra while lying down. The uses are endless, don’t be afraid to use it the way it feels right to you.


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