Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hearts of Forgiveness

Not everyone is taught forgiveness. And others assume that everyone knows how to forgive. Some of us think we know how to forgive, but when we are called 'unforgiving' it make us wonder.
This was a very interesting piece to create. I have struggled to learn about forgiveness over the past few years, and with the help of creating this piece I think I have finally learned how to forgive. Making me know longer unforgiving, but forgivable.

Forgiveness is the process of absolving or letting go of feelings that are a direct result of a mistake, offense or behavior. Sometimes we need to forgive others for things they have done to us, and sometimes we need to forgive ourselves for things we have done to others. Which ever the case may be, releasing these negative feelings and energies will allow us to learn from the situation and move forward in a positive way.

Forgiveness may not be an easy thing for some people to do, especially those who have not been taught how to forgive, or those who are punishing themselves needlessly. The energies from the following crystals will help us with forgiveness and moving forward in a loving and positive way.

Pink Sapphire assists in healing wounds from past emotional traumas, and it facilitates compassion for others, even those who have wrongs us.

Rhodochrosite promotes inner peace and forgiveness through a tender, loving energy which soothes the heart and soul.

Green Aventurine
helps us to release old relationships, emotional patterns and heartache, leaving us. It also soothes emotional wounds.

Rose Quartz assists with the dissolution of anger and resentment. It helps to open our hearts to unconditional love.

is a wonderful stone for promoting self forgiveness. It alleviates sorrow, grief and fear and aids in eliminating hostility.

teaches us the wisdom of compassion and forgiveness. If we can release the insistence on justice of others, we can then view them with love and compassion, which will in turn fill us with love and compassion.

This doily can be placed anywhere nearby for you to receive the healing energies as the crystals will emit them naturally. During a difficult time when you know you need to forgive, try meditating with it. While lying down, place it over your heart for a minimum of 30 minute. Over time the crystals will absorb the negative energies you have, replacing it with a positive and loving energy of compassion and forgiveness.

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  1. What a beautiful doily! I love how you shared the meaning of the stones! Just gorgeous! :)